A career includes all the roles you undertake throughout your life - education, training, paid and unpaid work, family, volunteer work, leisure activities and more. The term career is seen as a continuous process of learning and development. The concept of a job for life is no longer a reality. In this new climate, individuals need to be adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiating and collaborative to accommodate and thrive in workplaces, or to create work for themselves.The JMJ has provided a unique work environment for its employees. The group of companies has designed its human resource policies purely based on certain ethical values. The employees’ views and concerns are well taken care in designing various business polices of the company. JMJ group is conducting regular interviews for marketing and sales divisions.

As like other companies, the group believes in professionalism for its rapid and steady growth. Every employees here will be given an opportunity to be part of its growth with handsome incentives for the additional tasks they have taken care of:

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