Subordinate Bond

Jmj Finance Ltd provides safe investment options with attractive rate of interest. With over twenty one years of specialized experience in finance, jmj Finance Ltd has a robust network of branches spread across Kerala which help it customers avail financial services (loans and Subordinate bond) seamlessly. We know that there should be a fair return for the hard earned money of our customers. With the above purpose, we have devised different investment schemes. One of our scheme provided 13% annual interest for your subordinate bond amount, another one offers you double the amount on your bond maturity day.the validity of our Subordinate bond should be five years. Our Subordinate Bond offers a good return for your hard earned money. The Company is having a valid certificate of registration from Reserve Bank Of India

Monthly installment scheme 13%
Maturity scheme
(5.5 year Doubling)
Effective Yield Rate of Interest
(Compounding Annually)
18.18% 13.13%