MD's Message

Dear shareholders,

First of all, let me thank you for the support you had been pouring upon us for past many years which has led your company to where it is now. I am pleased to inform you that your Company’s operation has improved during the financial year and we have opened new branches in different parts of India. As we know, India is fastest growing economy. The negative impact of demonetization in 2017 had on all segments of economy and the same was felt at the level of producers/service providers as well as at customer level. The banks closed fiscal 2019 with robust disbursals and credit has rose to 13 percent when compared to past years. The NBFCs in India has a great role in economic growth as well as financial inclusion, and has accounted for about 17 % in total credit. This clearly shows the greater market discipline and growth of finance/banking sector despite economic and political conditions. Though Indian economy has slipped to Seventh place in global GDP rankings as per the World Bank data, it is predicted that India will bounce back by using its potential to grow. Despite all the economic conditions, FY 2018-19 had been a defining year and your company earned operating income of Rs.10,20,31,697/- and Net profit after taxes at Rs.66,00,185/-

I would like to inform you that the number of branches of the Company has grown to 42 as on date. We are targeting to set up 50 branches by end of 2020. Our mission is to be the best and preferred financial provider of its kind with highest business quality solutions. We embrace the concept of steady growth through strategic planning and I am sure your Company will be spreading its wings and flying high in coming years. The growth of the company is evident from its performance and increase in number of branches in various places in India. We always thrive to ensure customer satisfaction by designing products/services according to the financial needs of the customer and in compliance with applicable laws. I am thankful to the great effort, dedication, commitment and hard work of the employees at all levels which has helped the Company in achieving its targets. I request their continued support to take the Company to the next level. I am extremely thankful to the customers in south India for their trust in JMJ Finance for past many years. I am also thankful to the Government authorities, Banks, Consultants, all other stakeholders and well wishers for their support till date. I humbly request their whole hearted support in all future endeavour of JMJ Finance.

With best wishes, I conclude….

Dr.Joju M J
Managing Director